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New Name QWeather


There is something to announce to you. After our official APP: QWeather went online for a year and gained millions of users, we decided to use QWeather as the new brand name and website domain name of HefWeather, which also avoided some users got the trouble with the two names of HeWeather and QWeather, both our APP and the weather data service will be unified as QWeather from now on.


With the launch of the new name, we will also start a new journey, such as:

  • The official Weibo is online, please @和风天气 like it
  • WeChat subscription account is online
  • After the weather data service was deployed in our top 10 global data centers 3 years ago, now the APP and website have been fully deployed globally and support multilingual access
  • Refactored our data service, the average response speed has increased by 10%, and the bandwidth usage of various API interfaces has been reduced by 15%

For most users of QWeather APP and QWeather website, changing the name is not aware of these changes, but for our developers, since we will change all domain names to qweather.com, we need to pay attention to some things : (Of course, all the following changes will be adjusted once at your convenience)

  • The new developer website is https://dev.qweather.com, you can still view the source code of this website on Github
  • We changed our Github to https://github.com/qwd/
  • Where we use our weather data, the identification of the data source needs to be changed, please refer to https://www.qweather.com/about/brand
  • The SDK has released a new version, in addition to further improving the performance of the SDK, some of the method names will be changed to QWeather
  • API address will be changed to:

    API name API new address Documentation
    Commercial API https://api.qweather.com Document
    Development API https://devapi.qweather.com Document
    City Geographic Query API https://geoapi.qweather.com Document
    Historical Data API https://datasetapi.qweather.com Document

Last for spoiler, more weather products will be released one after another!

New Name QWeather


Starting today, the domain name and English name of Hefeng HeWeather is officially changed to QWeather. We will continue to provide better and more beautiful weather service for you

API v7 has been released


The new v7 weather data API has been launched. The v7 version greatly increases the data content, improves the flexibility of obtaining data, simplifies the hierarchy and has all possible scalability.

2020 New Website Online


The new and windy weather will provide more powerful and richer weather services, including the world's longest 30-day weather forecast, air quality, disaster warning, minute-level precipitation, satellite cloud images and radar maps. At the same time, the weather visualization map with the leading weather weather is again Iterative, more weather layers, more visual control, allowing users to understand weather conditions more intuitively.