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Dongfeng Renault's new kadjar launches with QWeather

New Correga Weather Service

On November 27, Dongfeng Renault’s new Correga was released at the Wuhan International Expo Center. The new car is a mid-term facelift version of this generation of Correga. The appearance has been slightly changed, and it is younger and more fashionable. In addition to the addition of key entry and dual-zone air conditioning In addition to functions such as one-key start, EPB electronic parking, automatic parking assistance, etc., it also launched the EASY LINK intelligent interconnection system and the CLEAN AIR PM2.5 air purification function. These two systems provide weather services and air quality data services. All provided by the wind and weather.

New Correga Weather Service

QWeather customized for Dongfeng Renault is not only a weather app, but also includes: real-time weather data positioning update, car-machine mobile phone data interconnection, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and historical air quality comparison, ultra-low flow data interface, natural language weather query And other Internet of Vehicles professional intelligent weather service. At the same time, as a strategic partner of China Weather Network, it has also received strong support and absolute authority from the meteorological department.

New Correga Weather Service

After the press conference, Luo Lang, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales Department of Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd., introduced: The new Keleijia is equipped with EASY LINK intelligent interconnection system and has a group driving mode. When you go out with three or five friends You can share the location of the vehicle in real-time when you are at a time, keep abreast of everyone’s dynamics, and increase the fun of traveling; there is also intelligent voice recognition to enhance the practicality of human-computer interaction. One sentence can easily realize route navigation, play music and check weather conditions.

Mr. Fulan, President of Dongfeng Renault Automobile Co., Ltd. also mentioned: The new Kereijia is equipped with the best EASY LINK intelligent interconnection system of the same level, which fully caters to the driving habits of young users, and increases the fun and interconnection of mobile travel. In addition, it is also equipped with the unique CLEAN AIR PM2.5 air purification system of the same level, which can create a more comfortable driving space for users.

Finally, I sincerely congratulate Dongfeng Renault on the successful listing of the new Kereijia, and it is very popular! QWeather will also continue to join forces with China Weather Network to further consolidate its dominant position in transportation and vehicle networking weather services!