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EMG 2018 User Conference + QWeather

On April 26, 2018, Yitutong 2018 User Conference was grandly held in Beijing International Trade Hotel. QWeather attended the conference as the only cooperative guest in the field of meteorology. In addition, more than 400 users and partners from home and abroad participated, including More than 100 representatives from nearly 50 major domestic and foreign automakers, including important system suppliers at home and abroad, and well-known artificial intelligence companies. The conference discussed the opportunities and challenges of the development of the Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving around the theme of “Smart Mobility Interconnection, Application Unbounded”.

As a partner of Yitutong, QWeather has carried out in-depth cooperation in areas such as traffic weather, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, refined weather services and extreme weather warning. Traditional weather forecasts are far from being able to meet the needs of modern and future transportation. How to make the weather smarter and how to make the weather affect your travel is the common direction of exploration for us and the Internet of Vehicles partners, but it will not wait too long. :)

Finally, congratulations on the complete success of Yitutong 2018 User Conference!