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QWeather App is officially launched

After a year of planning, the official Hefeng Weather app was launched. During this period, we have been constantly defining and overthrowing the vision and planning of the weather app, and finally realized what a new generation of weather apps should look like:

  • Visualization: Weather data that is accurate to the grid, and the weather changes in any place in the world can be seen at a glance
  • Lazy: understand the weather conditions today or in the future through weather perception, users don’t even need to care about the specific temperature today or remember those cold numbers
  • Smart and not clingy: no messy notifications every day, only remind you of changes in the weather when you need it
  • Free, no ads: no need to open an ad APP to see the weather forecast presented in it

QWeather APP official website:

The main function

Visualize the weather

Temperature, precipitation, and air quality are displayed to you in visual form, and you can intuitively feel the global weather trends.

Minutes of Rain

The minute-level rainfall forecast with an accuracy of 1 km solves the problem of whether to bring an umbrella or not, and whether to go out or not to go out in the next two hours.

Weather Perception

For a straightforward weather experience, you don’t need to scroll through the APP. Just look at this sentence for the weather today.

Smart reminder

The weather forecast set completely according to your habits can be reminded for different weather in different cities, reducing useless information, just want to be a quiet weather application.

Life Forecast

The cold weather data is transformed into information related to your life, so that you can understand more intuitively when you can wash the car and when you can go for a run.

Rich data

We provide disaster warning, day by day and hour by hour forecast, live weather, air quality, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, visibility, sunrise and sunset, moon rise and moon set, etc…