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QWeather becomes the exclusive partner of Weather China in the car networking industry

I am very happy to share a piece of news with you, and the regular cooperation between QWeather and the China Meteorological Administration has taken another step forward, becoming the exclusive partner of China in the field of Internet of Vehicles.

At present, the traffic weather solution jointly developed by QWeather and China Weather Network covers domestic vehicle manufacturers, navigation manufacturers and car machine manufacturers. It has successively cooperated with AutoNavi Maps, Neusoft Automotive Electronics, Suzhou Changfeng, Zotye Automobile, BAIC, Toyota, Honda, Geely and other manufacturers have cooperated to provide enterprises and consumers with complete traffic and weather services.

Traffic weather solutions include:

  • Road network weather
  • Navigation weather
  • Smart and safe driving weather
  • Regular weather data

Through stable data services in mild weather, the above weather services have been provided to more than 5 million terminal cars and more than 400 million mobile phone users. In 2018, we hope to further expand the service area and cover people and models, so that weather data can be used in smart driving and safety. Play a more important role in value.