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2020 New Website Online

I am very pleased to have a brand new revision before the Spring Festival. The new website provides detailed, professional, simple, and intelligent weather forecast services for ordinary users, weather enthusiasts or professionals, and is closer to mobile APP application, allowing users to check the weather in the mobile APP, or You can get the same excellent user experience by browsing the weather on the PC website.

The new Hefeng Weather 2020 version will provide more powerful and richer weather services, including Global 30-day weather forecast, air quality, disaster warning, minute-level precipitation, satellite cloud images and radar images, and the leading weather weather weather Visual map iterates again, with more weather layers and more visual controls, allowing users to understand the weather more intuitively.

30-day forecast

The 30-day future weather forecast, while providing historical temperature changes over the same period, is convenient for you to make longer-term plans.

The unique 30-day future forecast overview can provide a more intuitive understanding of future weather development trends. We also make special notes on the dates when special weather conditions occur.

minute precipitation

Provide the next 2 hours of minute-level precipitation, it is recommended to take a look before going out :)

air quality

Provides real-time air quality and air quality forecast information in cities, counties, districts and monitoring sites across the country, air quality rankings, and daily air quality statistics.

Disaster warning

National disaster warning information statistics and visual query, pay attention to potential meteorological disasters around you at any time.

Weather history

Provide historical data of cities and districts and counties, including visual charts of maximum, minimum and average temperature, precipitation, air quality, relative humidity, etc. You can also contact us to purchase more detailed hourly historical weather data for the last 10 years.

Satellite and radar

Currently, China Fengyun 4, Japanese Sunflower 8, American GOES, European Meteosat satellite cloud images, and radar images of China, the United States, Japan, and Europe have been opened. In the future, it will gradually expand to all kinds of weather satellites and radar images around the world.

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