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Open Weather Plus, an open source weather app

Weather Plus (Open Weather Plus) is an open source weather app developed by the Hefeng Weather team, which further facilitates developers to quickly release and integrate weather services. Now it may only take time to eat a meal, and developers can create their own unique weather APP, free of charge and without ads.

Weather Plus is completely open source, following the Apache 2.0 license, supporting iOS (9.0+) and Android (4.4+)

The main function

  • Global daily and hourly weather forecast, including: weather conditions, temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, visibility, sunrise and sunset, moon rise and moon set, etc.
  • AQI air quality data for Chinese cities
  • Hourly weather dynamic curve
  • City search, support fuzzy search and search suggestions
  • Multilingual, currently supports Chinese and English
  • Unit conversion
  • Different font sizes can be set


Weather Plus is hosted on Github