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Geo Lookup is online

There are millions of cities around the world, including 3,181 cities in China. Finding an accurate place has always been a big problem for developers and users. In the past, QWeather met part of the needs by downloading the city list and providing an accurate search interface. However, when the city name changes or the number of cities increases or decreases, it will be a troublesome experience for developers. .

Now, through our launch of a new city search product, GeoAPI, through this interface, developers or users can directly use fuzzy search to retrieve cities around the world, and through our big data calculations, you can get the list of popular cities in real time .

The main function:

  • Fuzzy search: support Chinese and English fuzzy search, you can set the search range and the number of returned results
  • Controllable city range: you can set to search for a global or a single country
  • Number of returned results: The number of returned fuzzy search results can be customized
  • Support IP, latitude and longitude coordinates and China AD Code query
  • Popular cities list: You can query the list of popular cities in China or the world
  • Multi-language: how far to return data

Application scenario:

  1. Searching for cities in the weather APP, you no longer need to search by yourself, directly call the search interface for fuzzy query, the user selects the correct result, and the weather data is returned through this result
  2. When users search for the weather, they can directly display popular cities on the page, and users can select directly, reducing search steps and improving user experience
  3. For millions of global cities, it is no longer necessary to import the city list to search, just call the search service directly
  4. There is no need to maintain the city list, and the city information is updated in real time

The global search service is currently in a free trial commercial period, and it is expected to be officially put into commercial use on June 1, 2020. We will also launch free and paid high-performance versions.

GeoAPI Search service documentation The portal is here