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Weather data S6 version is online

Ahem, after a year of silence, QWeather current most advanced interface iteration version is finally officially launched today, and we named her S6. Not only that, our website, console, and payment methods have been completely restructured.

Performance improvement

Back to the interface, compared with the previous version (V5), S6 has made more adjustments in the data structure, or we call it flatter, more simplified development, and at the same time in terms of system response and stability, To further improve, as the saying goes: the world martial arts is always broken:

  • The national average response time of a single interface is about 38ms, and the data can be obtained as soon as 3ms;
  • Concurrency. At present, in the hundreds of millions of services provided by QWeather for global users every day, several core nodes (China, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom) can ensure a million-level concurrency;

For interface services, in addition to faster response speed and more concurrency, stability is also a key technical indicator that tests data service providers. As the saying goes, fast and stable are really good:

  • In 2016, the total downtime of major customers for the whole year was 21 minutes, which reached the quasi-telecom-level standard of annual availability 99.996%. Am I proud? (There should be a proud face here)

More data

Compared with the 37 data provided by the v5 version, S5 has added 57 data on this basis.

More data nodes

One of the tenets of QWeather is: You can say that you don’t need it, but you can’t say that you can’t cover it. So this year we created 6 new data nodes in one go. From the map, we have covered all the places with people except the north and south poles and the sea, so that you don’t need to wait long for your data in all corners of the world (more When I can’t even wait), it’s as if I’m at home, the millisecond-level response says go and just go XD

Better console

Our console may have been complained the most throughout the year. The majority of users (including me) feel that the console is like a chicken rib. Now it’s good, there is meat on the chicken rib! You can now more conveniently check orders and view visits!

More customer service and product girls

Hmm… I don’t know how to introduce it, I just found that our technology is always working overtime

More free data and coupons

Finally, I almost forgot that there is another important thing, which is the simultaneous launch of two user types, certified developers and certified companies. For individual developers, we will provide the most generous data support to help individual developers complete products quickly. Don’t worry about all kinds of high data costs.

For certified companies, we directly provided 10,000 yuan coupons, and we would send out money if they didn’t agree with each other!

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