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API v5 is online

After countless bouncing votes, finally completed the online upgrade of the V5.0 version on the first weekend of November. Compared with the X3 version, the V5 version was mainly refactored in the background architecture. Almost every code is brand new. At the same time, some X3 legacy BUGs and user complaints have also been repaired. More importantly, we have introduced more data and support for globalization!

So what’s new in V5?

Four data centers

  • Currently we have established four major data centers in China, Asia, Europe and North America
  • Users can choose three data centers other than the default China region to provide data services, and provide applications and products with nearby access to the nearest millisecond response

Multilingual support

Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, Chinese

Brand new architecture

Refactor the data interface to increase execution efficiency by more than 30%. On the one hand, it improves user access efficiency and on the other hand saves server resources.

New data, new interface, unchanged interface format

  • Increase hourly weather data with historical weather data from 2010 to present
  • Increase hourly forecast up to 10 days
  • Increase hourly weather conditions
  • Increase monthly rise and set data
  • Increase the UV index
  • Add fuzzy search function
  • Improve the accuracy of weather data
  • Fix X3 legacy BUG
  • The interface format is completely reusable, just simple modification is required

The rights of old users remain unchanged for life (regardless of paid or free)

  • Paid users will maintain the original price for lifetime renewal
  • Free users maintain the original free data rights for life

More discounts

  • The annual price is as low as 30% off!
  • Hardware enterprise products have a 50% discount!

Is there a better upgrade than this? Yes, look forward to the S6 version in 2017!