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API v7 has been released

The new version of Hefeng Weather Data API v7 has been released. The release of this major version has a brand new design, which greatly increases the data content, improves the flexibility of obtaining data, simplifies the hierarchy and has all possible scalability.

In the v7 version, relying on our powerful city information search version 2.0, we further adjusted the logic of obtaining weather data:

  • The first step is to get the city information you want to query
  • The second step is to obtain corresponding weather data through accurate city information

By accurately locating the city, the problems of duplicate names, aliases, fuzzy search, and range search are solved, so that your users can get the results they really want when they query the city’s weather.

New data

  • Overseas cities increased to 150,000+
  • Independent sunrise and sunset, moon rise and moon set and moon phase interface
  • Added 15-day forecast
  • Add life index forecast, some life index supports overseas regions
  • Add historical air quality data
  • Added disaster warning list
  • Added POI range search
  • Expand more data items in the data interface, such as the forecast interface to increase the wind direction during the day and night, etc.

new function

  • All interfaces are compressed by gzip, which greatly reduces bandwidth traffic and improves interface acquisition speed
  • Automatic conversion of daylight saving time, developers do not need to adjust the time of the country in daylight saving time
  • The same type of data can be retrieved separately for different types of data. For example, the weather forecast can be formulated to retrieve a 3-day forecast or a 10-day forecast
  • New city search service, support more powerful fuzzy search, POI search, provide more city-related information
  • Historical data can now query the weather or air quality in the last 10 days
  • Increase the release time of each data separately
  • More understandable API status codes
  • Each API data application can add 10 KEYs
  • Commercial API supports global automatic routing
  • Fully support billing by volume, increase the access package function, up to as low as 2% off

New developer permissions

For developers, we have further increased the permissions of developers. Now developers can get access to almost all data, and it is still all free, even using our official SDK without any access restrictions. For details, please refer to Commercial Edition vs Development Edition. Please note that the new developer permissions are only available in the v7 version.

At the same time, we have also simplified the application procedures for developers, and used algorithms to improve review efficiency.

New multi-language and global automatic routing

We reviewed the existing 30 multilingual translations, including proofreading the translation of place names, and added some professional data translations. We plan to increase support to 50 languages ​​by the end of this year!

Globalization is not only the support for multiple languages, but also the unimpeded access to your products all over the world. The Hefeng Weather Business Edition API currently supports automatic routing on 10 nodes around the world, no matter where your application is. You do not need to make any settings, you can achieve nearby access, avoiding the problem of access delays outside of China.

The automatic routing function only supports the v7 version of the interface, and adopts a pay-as-you-go billing method. There is no need to pay for overseas service nodes in advance, and pay as much as you use.

New weather icon

We have redesigned all weather icons and provided two different styles. They are licensed under CC BY 4.0, completely free to use, and even for commercial purposes. View and use Hefeng weather icons

New console

We have integrated and redesigned the console to improve the performance and user experience of the console. You can manage your weather data and weather plugins more conveniently, set up different accounts, submit technical work orders, and increase your balance. Insufficient SMS reminders and other functions.

View documentation

View the development documentation of the API v7 version:

View the development documentation of Geo API v2:

View the development documentation of SDK 4.0 version:

You can start to upgrade to API v7 now and experience more and more easily accessible weather data services!

Any questions, please contact us