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QWeather Widget Released

The new QWeather widget is now online, which perfectly supports desktop PC website, iOS/Andorid APP client, mobile H5, applet, official account and other products and scenarios, almost zero development, anyone can use it at any time.

QWeather widget

The main function

  • Fully customizable: Supports weather data text size, background color, icon size, margin, alignment, positioning method, weather data type, etc., all can be customized according to your requirements
  • Data all: Contains multiple weather data such as minute precipitation, disaster warning, air quality AQI, live weather, regular forecasts, etc.
  • Cross-application: can be used for websites, mobile H5, iOS/Andorid mobile apps, applets and other products
  • Free: Free to use, unlimited data
  • No development cost: Out of the box, you can generate code with one mouse click

scenes to be used

I want to… Then use it
Add a temperature of the day to the website navigation bar Simple widget
Show weather details in the sidebar of the website Standard widget
The weather of the day is displayed floating in the upper left corner of my website browser Simple widget fixed display
Add a weather layout to the mobile APP Widget SDK
Build a weather channel in my app Mobile page widget or Widget SDK
Make a weather promotion page in the WeChat public account Mobile page widget
Remind users of the weather in the applet Standard widget or Simple widget

how to use

Happy to use!