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Comparison of wind level and wind speed


The China Meteorological Administration issued the “Regulations on Typhoon Operations and Services” in 2001 to supplement typhoons above level 12 to level 17 with Beaufort wind power levels. Level 12 typhoon is set at 32.4-36.9 m/s; level 13 is 37.0-41.4 m/s; level 14 is 41.5-46.1 m/s, level 15 is 46.2-50.9 m/s, level 16 is 51.0-56.0 m/s Second, the level 17 is 56.1-61.2 m/sec.

  • Please note that the unit of wind speed in mild weather is kmph
  • The wind speed listed in this table refers to the wind speed value 10 meters above the ground on flat ground


Wind scale Name wind speed(m/s) (km/h) Land surface image Sea waves Wave height(m) Highest(m)
0 No wind 0.0-0.2 <1 Smoke indicates the direction of the wind. Clam 0.0 0.0
1 Soft wind 0.3-1.5 1-5 Smoke indicates the direction of the wind Microwave peaks are free of droplets 0.1 0.1
2 Light breeze 1.6-3.3 6-11 Feel the wind The small peaks are not broken 0.2 0.3
3 Breeze 3.4-5.4 12-19 flags spread Wavelet summit rupture 0.6 1.0
4 gentle wind 5.5-7.9 20-28 blow up the dust Xiaolang Baimo Peak 1.0 1.5
5 Cool breeze 8.0-10.7 29-38 Small tree swing Zhonglang Zhemo Peak Group 2.0 2.5
6 Gale 10.8-13.8 39-49 Wire is sound Dalang Baimolifeng 3.0 4.0
7 Strong wind 13.9-17.1 50-61 Difficulty walking Breaking the peak of white foam into strips 4.0 5.5
8 Stronger gale 17.2-20.7 62-74 Destroy branches Waves grow high and there are waves 5.5 7.5
9 Higher gale 20.8-24.4 75-88 hurt house waveback 7.0 10.0
10 Strong wind 24.5-28.4 89-102 uproot trees The waves roll and roar 9.0 12.5
11 storm 28.5-32.6 103-117 significant damage The crests are all droplets 11.5 16.0
12 Typhoon >32.6 >117 Devastating The waves are overwhelming 14.0 -


Wind scale Wind speed(m/s) (km/h)
13 37.0-41.4 m/s 134-149km/h
14 41.5-46.1m/s 150-166km/h
15 46.2-50.9m/s 167-183km/h
16 51.0-56.0m/s 184-201km/h
17 56.1-61.2m/s 202-220km/h
17level plus ≥61.3m/s ≥221km/h

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