Last update 2021-03-10
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Thank you for using the products or services provided by QWeather (URL https://www.qweather.com and its subdomains) (the “service”). Before using this service, please read this statement carefully. Once you start using this service, it means that you agree to accept all the agreed content of this statement.

We will mark the terms that require your special attention in bold and underlined.

QWeather will work hard to ensure the stability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of this service. However, due to the characteristics of the Internet, policies and regulations, and technical capabilities, we are unable to make such guarantees, so you agree:

  1. Your use of this service must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations, public order and good customs, and QWeather’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other QWeather related terms of service, agreement, statement. If your behavior violates regulations and laws, QWeather has the right to terminate or suspend the provision of this service to you. You shall bear the responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom, and QWeather shall not bear any responsibility.
  2. Your use of this service represents your personal actions, and does not represent any views or positions of QWeather on such actions, nor does it represent any express or implied, guarantee or endorsement of you by QWeather.
  3. You should voluntarily choose whether to use this service or how to use this service. Any risks and damages that may be caused by your use of this service are borne by you, and QWeather is not responsible for this.
  4. In all cases, QWeather will not be liable for any third-party damages caused by your use of this service. If this causes QWeather and its affiliates, employees, customers and partners to be claimed by third parties, you should be responsible handle and compensate QWeather and its affiliates for all losses and liabilities suffered from this.
  5. This service cannot guarantee that the service provided by it is flawless (such as weather data does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the data), cannot guarantee that this service will necessarily meet your specific needs or expectations, and cannot promise that any flaws will be corrected , But QWeather promises to continuously improve service quality and service level, so even if the service has the above-mentioned defects, QWeather is not responsible for this.
  6. This service may not be able to operate normally under the influence of various factors. QWeather does not bear any responsibility for this, but is obliged to restore the service as much as possible. A variety of factors include but are not limited to: your own reasons, third-party reasons, government actions (including the failure to upload weather data of national meteorological authorities, etc.), natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, epidemic diseases, wars, or other force majeure In view of the special nature of the Internet, many factors also include but are not limited to the following situations that affect the normal operation of the Internet: hacker attacks, temporary shutdowns due to government control, virus attacks, etc.
  7. The third-party hyperlinks appearing in this service are only used to facilitate search or indexing. We do not guarantee their availability, legality, or harmlessness, nor do they imply any views and positions of QWeather on third parties. Any loss caused by such third-party hyperlinks to you or the third party shall be solely your responsibility, and QWeather shall not be liable for this.
  8. This service contains a variety of data that has been authorized by the data source or complies with the copyright provisions of the data source. QWeather does not provide any data from the original data source, nor does it represent any views and positions of QWeather on the original data source, or the original data source’s Any opinions and positions of QWeather. If you need to use these data, please contact the copyright owner of the data source.
  9. The geographic information involved in this service is determined by QWeather in accordance with the laws and regulations of the United Nations and China, but it does not mean that QWeather expresses any views or positions on the legal status of any country, region or territory or its authority or the delineation of its boundaries.
  10. QWeather reserves the right to upgrade, modify or terminate this service at any time without notifying you in advance. QWeather will settle the fee with you (if any). If any losses are caused to you or a third party, QWeather will not be liable Liability, unless you have signed another agreement with QWeather.
  11. All information in this statement is subject to change without notice, and you are responsible for checking any changes to this statement at any time.
  12. Except for clear provisions in laws and regulations, this statement is still valid even if QWeather has known that any loss may be caused.

If you are not satisfied with this service or any service terms, declarations, or agreements, the only remedy you can take against QWeather is to stop using this service. This remedy is also part of any agreement between you and QWeather.

If you do not understand or have any suggestions about this statement, please send an email to support@qweather.com