Jiangxi - China   2022-08-18   Thursday   28.44N, 117.97E


Jiangxi - China

Shangrao meteorological station updates high temperature orange warning [level II / serious]

Issue date: 2022-08-18T09:38+08:00

At 09:38 on August 18, 2022, Shangrao meteorological station continued to issue the high temperature orange warning signal: it is expected that the maximum temperature of Yugan County, Poyang County, Dexing City, Xinzhou District, Yushan County, Yiyang County, Hengfeng County, Guangxin District, Qianshan County, Wannian County, Guangfeng district and Wuyuan County will reach above 37 ° C in the next 24 hours. Please pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling.


The maximum temperature will rise above 37°C within 24 hours.


1. Relevant departments and units implement safeguard measures for heatstroke prevention and cooling in accordance with their duties;

2. Try to avoid outdoor activities during high temperature periods, and those working under high temperature conditions should shorten the continuous working time;

3. Provide heatstroke prevention and cooling instructions for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the young, and take necessary protective measures;

4. Relevant departments and units should take precautions against fires caused by excessive power consumption and excessive electrical loads such as wires and transformers.


Shangrao meteorological station issued an orange drought warning [level II / serious]

Issue date: 2022-08-15T10:50+08:00

At 10:50 on August 15, 2022, Shangrao meteorological station issued an orange drought warning signal: according to the monitoring of comprehensive meteorological drought index, at present, most areas of our city have experienced moderate or above meteorological drought, and some severe to extreme drought. It is expected that the meteorological drought will further develop and spread in the next week. Please relevant departments and units to do a good job in drought prevention according to their responsibilities.


It is expected that the meteorological drought index will reach severe drought in the next week (meteorological drought is once in 25-50 years), or more than 40% of crops in a certain county (district) will be affected by drought.


1. Relevant departments and units do a good job of emergency response to drought prevention in accordance with their duties;

2. Relevant departments use emergency standby water sources, dispatch all available water sources within their jurisdiction, and give priority to guaranteeing urban and rural residents' domestic water and livestock drinking water;

3. Reduce urban water supply indicators and give priority to irrigation water for cash crops, and restrict large amounts of agricultural irrigation water;

4. Restrict non-productive high water consumption and service industry water use, and restrict the discharge of industrial sewage;

5. The meteorological department shall conduct artificial precipitation enhancement operations in a timely manner.