National Road Weather


118,000 KM
National road network


7 Highways
From Beijing


11 Highways
North and south


18 Highways
East and west


Precise weather
with 1KM grid

Navigation Weather

Based on the nationwide 1km grid data, 5 minutes of rainfall and 2 hours of nowcasting to make weather conditions and forecasts for driving navigation routes.

Weather data through route navigation can provide more safe driving information and reduce the impact of extreme weather on driving.

Real-time calculation of all weather data, according to the driving path and speed, the weather conditions at the route points can be predicted in advance.


Car networking weather

Provide Car networking weather for major automobile brands.

Weather products, weather data service, SDK and APP are suitable for car networking features.


Travel intelligently · Autopilot

QWeather helps you avoid traffic risks

  • QWeather Weather Warning
  • QWeather Traffic and Internet of Vehicles Weather
  • QWeather Visualization Weather

Car-level service and quality assurance



Up to 99.95% high availability.
Adapt to the environment of operators across the country.
Data is still available in areas with weak networks.

Ultra low flow

Through encryption intelligent compression and other ways to achieve ultra-low traffic access to effectively reduce traffic costs.

Super long service cycle

The longest ten-year data maintenance period meets the after-sales service standards of auto companies and the national vehicle three guarantees policy.

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