Sichuan - China   2024-04-22   Monday   32.27N, 100.33E


Sichuan - China

Seda County Meteorological Observatory issues a yellow warning signal for road icing [Level III/Heavy]

Issue date: 2024-04-22T08:03+08:00

At 08:03 on April 22, 2024, the Meteorological Observatory of Seda County issued a yellow warning signal for road icing: Jiaxue Town, Yangge Township, Xuri Township, Huoxi Township, Nianlong Township, Tazi Township, Yalong Township, Daze Township, Dazhang Township, Kangle Township, Ranchong Township, Keguo Township, Niduo Town, Luoruo Town, Wengda Town, Seke Town and other townships (streets) in Seda County may experience road icing that affects traffic within 24 hours. Please pay attention to preventing the adverse effects of road snow and icing, drivers should pay attention to driving safety, and pedestrians should pay attention to travel safety.


When the road surface temperature is lower than 0°C, precipitation occurs, and road icing that affects traffic may occur within 12 hours.


1. The transportation, public security and other departments shall prepare for road icing in accordance with their duties;

2. Drivers should pay attention to road conditions and drive safely;

3. Pedestrians ride bicycles as little as possible when going out, and pay attention to non-slip.