Guangxi - China   2024-06-14   Friday   23.47N, 111.30E


Guangxi - China


Issue date: 2024-06-14T09:30+08:00



Rainfall will reach more than 50 mm within 6 hours, or it has reached more than 50 mm and the rainfall may continue.


1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing rainstorms in accordance with their duties;

2. The traffic management department shall adopt traffic control measures on heavy rainfall road sections according to road conditions, and implement traffic guidance on road sections with stagnant water;

3. Cut off dangerous outdoor power supplies in low-lying areas, suspend outdoor operations in open areas, and transfer people in dangerous areas and residents of dangerous houses to safe places to avoid rain;

4. Check the drainage system of cities, farmlands, and fish ponds, and take necessary drainage measures.