Guangdong - China   2023-05-29   Monday   22.27N, 113.58E


Guangdong - China

Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow high temperature warning [Level III/severe]

Issue date: 2023-05-29T10:24+08:00

At 10:15 on May 29, the Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for high temperature in Zhuhai.


The daily maximum temperature will be above 35°C for three consecutive days.


1. Relevant departments and units shall make preparations for heatstroke prevention and cooling in accordance with their duties;

2. Minimize outdoor activities in the afternoon;

3. Provide heatstroke prevention and cooling guidance for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the young;

4. Those who work under high temperature conditions and need to do outdoor work for a long time during the day should take necessary protective measures.