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Jiangxi - China

Ganzhou Meteorological Observatory updates the high temperature orange warning signal [Level II/serious]

Issue date: 2023-05-29T10:03+08:00

Ganzhou Meteorological Observatory will change the high temperature orange warning signal at 10:03 on May 29, 2023: It is estimated that the maximum temperature in some areas of Ganzhou Economic Development Zone, Zhanggong District, Rongjiang New Area, Nankang District, Ganxian District, Ningdu County, Shangyou County, Ruijin City, Huichang County, Xingguo County, Yudu County, Dayu County, Xinfeng County, Shicheng County, Chongyi County, and Longnan City will reach above 37 ° C in the next 24 hours. Please pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling.


The maximum temperature will rise above 37°C within 24 hours.


1. Relevant departments and units implement safeguard measures for heatstroke prevention and cooling in accordance with their duties;

2. Try to avoid outdoor activities during high temperature periods, and those working under high temperature conditions should shorten the continuous working time;

3. Provide heatstroke prevention and cooling instructions for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the young, and take necessary protective measures;

4. Relevant departments and units should take precautions against fires caused by excessive power consumption and excessive electrical loads such as wires and transformers.