Yunnan - China   2023-03-27   Monday   24.89N, 104.31E


Yunnan - China

Luoping County Meteorological Station Issued Orange Forest Fire Warning [Level II/Severe]

Issue date: 2023-03-24T17:50+08:00

Luoping County Meteorological Bureau, Luoping County Emergency Management Bureau, and Luoping County Forestry and Grassland Bureau continued to jointly issue an orange forest fire risk meteorological warning at 17:50 on March 24, 2023. It is expected that in the next three days, our county will have sunny, hot, and little rain, dry air, and windy weather. The forest fire risk meteorological level will reach a higher risk level, which is prone to forest fires. Please pay attention to prevention.


The forest fire risk level is four. Highly dangerous, combustibles in the forest are easy to burn, forest fires are prone to occur, and the fire spreads quickly.


1. Further strengthen the publicity and education of forest fire prevention;

2. Increase the intensity of patrolling and protecting forests, and strictly control the sources of fire in the wild;

3. Make full preparations for fire fighting and disaster relief, and enter the state of fire fighting;

4. Kabu points should be set up in key fire danger areas, and it is forbidden to bring fire into the mountains;

5. It is forbidden to use fire outdoors in the forest or the edge of the forest, and all mountain smelting operations shall be stopped.