Guangxi - China   2023-05-29   Monday   22.82N, 108.32E


Guangxi - China

Nanning Meteorological Observatory issued yellow high temperature warning signal [Level III/heavy]

Issue date: 2023-05-29T09:35+08:00

At 9:35 on the 29th, the Meteorological Observatory of Nanning issued a yellow warning signal of high temperature: the highest temperature in the urban area of Nanning is expected to be above 35 degrees in the next five days, and the local temperature will be above 37 degrees. The weather is hot, please provide education on heatstroke prevention, sun protection, and drowning prevention; And do a good job in preventing forest fires and circuit fires.


The daily maximum temperature will be above 35°C for three consecutive days.


1. Relevant departments and units shall make preparations for heatstroke prevention and cooling in accordance with their duties;

2. Minimize outdoor activities in the afternoon;

3. Provide heatstroke prevention and cooling guidance for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the young;

4. Those who work under high temperature conditions and need to do outdoor work for a long time during the day should take necessary protective measures.


Issue date: 2023-05-28T17:00+08:00