Heilongjiang - China   2021-09-18   Saturday   48.45N, 129.57E


Heilongjiang - China

The minimum temperature on the ground will drop below 0°C within 48 hours and will have an impact on agriculture, or it has dropped below 0°C, and has an impact on agriculture, may continue.


Issue date: 2021-09-18T10:30+08:00

汤旺县气象台2021年09月18日10时30分发布霜冻蓝色预警信号:预计未来 48 小时内汤旺县地面最低温度将要下降到 0℃以下,对农业将产生影响。请有关单位和个人注意做好预防工作。


1. The government and the agricultural and forestry authorities shall make preparations for frost prevention in accordance with their duties;

2. Certain protective measures shall be taken for the breeding of crops, vegetables, flowers, melons and fruits, and forestry;

3. Rural grassroots organizations and farmers should pay attention to local frost warning information in order to take measures to strengthen protection.