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Qinghai - China

Xining Meteorological Observatory issues a yellow warning signal for strong winds

Issue date: 2024-04-13T13:28+08:00

At 13:25 on April 13th, the Xining Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for strong winds: it is expected that from 13:25 on the 13th to 01:25 on the 14th, there will be strong winds of level 7 or above and gusts of level 8 or above in the Xining urban area. Please prepare relevant units and personnel for prevention. Defense Guidelines: 1. The government and relevant departments shall carry out strong wind prevention work in accordance with their responsibilities; 2. Reduce outdoor activities and high-altitude outdoor hazardous operations; 3. Pedestrians and vehicles should not stay under billboards, temporary structures, or large trees; 4. Install outdoor items that are easily affected by strong winds, and outdoor fire is strictly prohibited.


It may be affected by strong winds within 12 hours, the average wind force can reach 8 or above, or gusts above 9; or it has been affected by strong winds, the average wind is 8-9, or gusts 9-10 and may continue.


1. The government and relevant departments should do a good job of preventing gale in accordance with their duties;

2. Stop outdoor activities such as outdoor activities and high-altitude dangerous operations. People in dangerous areas and residents of dangerous houses should try their best to turn to shelters for shelter;

3. Water operations in relevant waters and passing ships take active countermeasures to reinforce port facilities to prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision;

4. Cut off outdoor dangerous power sources, properly arrange outdoor objects that are easily affected by strong winds, and cover building materials;

5. Airports, expressways and other units should take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units should pay attention to fire prevention in forests and grasslands.