Yunnan - China   2023-02-09   Thursday   25.12N, 102.75E


Yunnan - China

Panlong District Meteorological Station issued a yellow warning of forest fire danger [Level III/heavier]

Issue date: 2023-02-07T11:05+08:00

At 11:05 on February 7, 2023, the Panlong District Meteorological Station continued to issue the yellow warning of forest fire risk weather: it is expected that in the next 7 days, the whole area will be sunny, hot and rainy, with high temperature and dry air, and the forest fire risk weather level will reach a higher risk level, which is prone to forest fire. Please pay attention to prevention.


The forest fire risk level is three. Moderately dangerous, combustibles in the forest are easier to burn, and forest fires are more likely to occur.


1. Relevant departments should strengthen publicity and education on forest fire prevention;

2. Strengthen the supervision of mountain patrol and forest protection and the use of fire in the wild;

3. Make full preparations for fire fighting and disaster relief;

4. When entering the forest area, pay attention to fire prevention; take precautions when using fire in the forest or at the edge of the forest, and do not leave fire or litter cigarette butts.