Henan - China   2021-08-05   Thursday   34.10N, 114.19E


Henan - China

Rainfall will reach more than 50 mm within 3 hours, or it has reached more than 50 mm and the rainfall may continue.

Yanling County Meteorological Bureau issued orange rainstorm warning [level II / serious]

Issue date: 2021-08-05T08:59+08:00

Yanling County Meteorological Bureau issued an orange rainstorm warning signal at 08:59 on August 5, 2021: it is expected that the rainfall in Nanwu Town, Taocheng town and Wangtian town of our county will reach more than 50mm within 3 hours, and that in other towns and townships may also reach more than 50mm, and heavy rainfall will continue. Please pay attention to prevention.


1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in anti-storm emergency work in accordance with their duties;

2. Cut off the dangerous outdoor power supply and suspend outdoor operations;

3. Units in dangerous areas should suspend classes or business, and take special measures to protect the safety of students, infants and other workers who have arrived at school;

4. Do a good job of drainage of waterlogging in cities and farmland, and take precautions against possible disasters such as mountain floods, landslides, and mudslides.


Lightning activities may occur within 6 hours, which may cause lightning disasters.


Issue date: 2021-08-05T08:50+08:00



1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in lightning protection according to their duties;

2. Pay close attention to the weather and try to avoid outdoor activities.


It may be affected by strong winds within 12 hours, the average wind force can reach 8 or above, or gusts above 9; or it has been affected by strong winds, the average wind is 8-9, or gusts 9-10 and may continue.


Issue date: 2021-08-05T08:21+08:00

鄢陵县气象局2021年8月5日8时21分发布大风黄色预警信号:受强对流天气影响, 预计未来12小时,我县大部分乡镇平均风力将达8级以上或者阵风9级以上,可能造成较大影响。请注意防范。 防御指南: 1.政府及相关部门按照职责做好防大风工作。 2.停止露天活动和高空等户外危险作业,危险地带人员和危房居民尽量转到避风场所避风。 3.相关水域水上作业采取积极的应对措施。 4.切断户外危险电源,妥善安置易受大风影响的室外物品,遮盖建筑物资。 5.交通管理部门、高速公路等单位应当采取保障交通安全的措施。


1. The government and relevant departments should do a good job of preventing gale in accordance with their duties;

2. Stop outdoor activities such as outdoor activities and high-altitude dangerous operations. People in dangerous areas and residents of dangerous houses should try their best to turn to shelters for shelter;

3. Water operations in relevant waters and passing ships take active countermeasures to reinforce port facilities to prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision;

4. Cut off outdoor dangerous power sources, properly arrange outdoor objects that are easily affected by strong winds, and cover building materials;

5. Airports, expressways and other units should take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units should pay attention to fire prevention in forests and grasslands.