Shanxi - China   2024-06-14   Friday   35.50N, 112.85E


Shanxi - China

Jincheng Meteorological Observatory issues an orange hail warning [Level II/Severe]

Issue date: 2024-06-14T15:21+08:00

At 15:21 on June 14, 2024, the Jincheng Meteorological Observatory changed the orange hail warning signal, with a warning area of the entire city. It is expected that there may be hail weather in the warning area within the next 6 hours, which may cause hail disasters. Please prepare relevant units and personnel for prevention. Defense Guidelines: 1. The government and relevant departments shall carry out emergency work against hail in accordance with their responsibilities; 2. Outdoor pedestrians should immediately seek refuge in a safe place; 3. Drive poultry and livestock into covered areas and properly protect outdoor items or equipment such as cars that are susceptible to hail attacks; 4. Pay attention to defending against lightning disasters associated with hail weather.


Hail weather may occur within 6 hours and may cause hail damage.


1. The government and relevant departments should do a good job of preventing hail in emergency response according to their responsibilities;

2. The meteorological department is ready for manual anti-hail operations and selects the opportunity to perform operations;

3. Outdoor pedestrians immediately go to a safe place for temporary shelter;

4. Drive poultry and livestock into covered places, and properly protect outdoor objects or equipment such as cars that are vulnerable to hail attack;

5. Pay attention to preventing lightning disasters accompanied by hail weather.


Issue date: 2024-06-14T14:10+08:00