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Fujian - China

Liancheng County Meteorological Observatory issues a blue frost warning signal

Issue date: 2024-03-01T16:28+08:00

On March 1, 2024 at 16:28, the Liancheng County Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a blue frost warning signal: Due to the influence of cold air, it is expected that the lowest temperature in our county will be 1-3 ℃ from tonight to tomorrow morning. There may be frost or frost, please pay attention to cold and frost prevention work!


The minimum temperature on the ground will drop below 0°C within 48 hours and will have an impact on agriculture, or it has dropped below 0°C, and has an impact on agriculture, may continue.


1. The government and the agricultural and forestry authorities shall make preparations for frost prevention in accordance with their duties;

2. Certain protective measures shall be taken for the breeding of crops, vegetables, flowers, melons and fruits, and forestry;

3. Rural grassroots organizations and farmers should pay attention to local frost warning information in order to take measures to strengthen protection.