Guangxi - China   2024-07-22   Monday   21.97N, 108.62E


Guangxi - China


Issue date: 2024-07-22T11:49+08:00



Within 24 hours may be or has been affected by tropical cyclones, coastal or land average wind force is 8 or more, or gust can reach 10 or more and may persist.


1. The government and relevant departments shall make emergency preparations for typhoon prevention in accordance with their duties;

2. Stop large-scale indoor and outdoor gatherings and high-altitude outdoor dangerous operations;

3. Water operations in relevant waters and passing ships take active countermeasures to reinforce port facilities to prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision;

4. Reinforce or dismantle structures that are easy to be blown by the wind, and personnel should not go out at will, to ensure that the elderly and children stay in the safest place in the home, and those in dangerous houses should be transferred in time.