Guangdong - China   2024-06-25   Tuesday   23.75N, 114.70E


Guangdong - China

Heyuan Meteorological Observatory issues a yellow warning for thunderstorms and strong winds [Level III/severe]

Issue date: 2024-06-25T16:09+08:00

Affected by the continuously northward convective cloud clusters, it is expected that thunderstorms will be obvious in the next 3 hours, accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorms, short-term strong winds, and short-term heavy rainfall. The Heyuan Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning signal for thunderstorms and strong winds in Yuancheng District and Jiangdong New Area at 16:05 on June 25, 2024. Please pay attention to defense.


It may be affected by thunderstorms and gales within 6 hours, the average wind force can reach 8 or more, or gusts of 9 or more accompanied by strong lightning; or it has been affected by thunderstorms and gales, the average wind has reached 8-9, or gusts of 9-10 accompanied by strong lightning, and may continue.


1. Keep valuable electrical equipment that is vulnerable to lightning strikes properly, and put them in a safe place after power failure;

2. Residents in dangerous areas and dangerous houses, as well as ships, should take shelter from the wind. Never take shelter from rain under trees, electric poles, or tower cranes, and turn off mobile phones when lightning occurs;

3. Cut off neon signs and dangerous outdoor power supplies;

4. Stop outdoor group activities and evacuate people immediately;

5. Outdoor workers at high altitudes, waters, etc. stop working, and personnel from dangerous areas are evacuated;

6. Be prepared for wind and lightning protection;

7. Pay attention to the latest news of thunderstorms and gales reported by the relevant media and relevant windbreak notices, and students stay in a safe place;

8. Secure doors and windows, enclosures, scaffolds, temporary structures and other structures that are easily blown by the wind. Personnel should leave the temporary structures as soon as possible, and properly arrange outdoor objects that are easily affected by thunderstorms and gales.